The adverse effects of living in compact urban habitats, detached from natural surroundings are evident knowledge for most of us. Inside our homes, lack of natural sunlight impacts our health unfavourably, an issue that is not yet addressed justly.

To bring back a bit of nature into our living spaces, Alight was designed by Zsófi Ujhelyi to mimic natural sunlight shimmering through a window and onto the digital wall of the Samsung QLED TV.

Thus, Alight targets an audience lacking natural sunlight in their indoor spaces, either due to their geographical location (Northern countries) or their housing situation (e.g. very dense urban living areas, small windows).

Alight's program automatically synchronises the projection of light to the user’s local time zone to virtually follow the real Sun’s movement - including the sunset & sunrise -, it can also be manually synchronised to any other time zone, too, helping to cope with seasonal affective disorder. Moreover the light reflections playfully interacts with the users walking by and projecting only when the TV senses movement in the space.

The design can be customised to a selection of different window or shutter shapes and the direction of the light source can also be adjusted to match any indoor space correctly.

Ambient Mode is a new feature of Samsung QLED televisions. It mimics the look of the wall behind the screen, eliminating the black canvas when the TV is not in use. It has the ability to enhance the environment too with additional imagery and/or information shown on top. The competition invited new ideas to explore how this new feature can enhance the indoor environment, while blending into the aesthetic of people's homes.


Interacting with Alight through the sensors of the QLED Tv

A sunrise with Alight (timelapse)

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