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Beta desk

Kitchen Budapest, a creative community needed a new tool that lifts working efficiency to a higher level. This project started as an exercise & experiment on how a community is able to create a utility for themselves, with the help of design thinking.

The team initiated researching with a week-long workshop involving our co-workers. We gathered opinions on how to improve a steady work tool, the office desk. As the team consisted out of a rich variety of creatives (programmers, sound designers, researchers, start-up teams.) the task became complex, while the demands were high by all.


The workshop was followed by a deep investigation and series of experiments to uncover co-workers real need. After drawing conclusions, the design team wrote a punctual brief and generated ideas accordingly.

Long hours spent by staring at colourful post-it sketches and lastly a matrix of ideas were conceived, which were carefully grouped by the brief’s bullet points. Concepts developed further in CAD, and the team could move to the workshop to spawn actual mockups. The successful prototypes are being tested in-house.

The licensor of this project is Kitchen Budapest.
Project manager: Gergö Csikos

Team members: Beáta Csortán, Benjámin A. Balla, Zsófi Ujhelyi

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