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The original idea and draft version of this project was designed by Michiel Cornelissen. With Michiel's creative direction we polished up the entire project: from redesigning the shape to broadening its service with interactive, graphical elements and an app proposal to create an outstanding product family that heightens the art of fine chocolate creation.

XOCO is a 3d-printer that can create customized objects in chocolate, aimed at innovative restaurants, chocolatiers, serious hobby cooks, and their guests.


Current 3d-printers are usually technical, business-like objects, and with this project we wanted to show that also in this category it is possible to create a product which not only works great, but feels right in the food-centered environments where it is intended for. 


The XOCO 3d-printer is based on a polar coordinate system with a rotating build plate and a single pillar from which both printhead and glass cover are suspended. Everything in the design contributes to giving the process of printing a visually open impression, adding to the experience of creating your customized sweets. Special attention is given to the interactive aspect of the process, with a glanceable multicolour LED ring guiding the user through the printing process.

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Industrial & interaction design, renderings and creative direction by Michiel Cornelissen

Industrial & interaction design, logo, app screen and motion graphics by Zsófi Ujhelyi

All rights of this project belongs to Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp.

"One of the more enticing propositions from the realm of 3D printing comes by way of Dutch design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp.."

“Dutch design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp has designed a chocolate printer that can produce intricate confectionary.”

"XOCO is not the first chocolate 3-D printer...But it's definitely the best-looking one we've seen." - Design Your Own Chocolate With The Willy Wonka Of 3-D Printers

"The XOCO is a perfect example of how app-connected devices and 3D food printers may be introduced to creative at-home chefs and hobbyists who are interested in the future of food creation."

"If you love chocolates, this is the latest chocolate craze you should know."

Design, print, devour: Xoco lets you 3D print your dreams in solid

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